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How do you learn Norwegian?

Corona visited me and we stuck at home. Never been easy to come back to Norway since then.

How do you learn Norwegian without actually living in Norway? Well, you can still learn online. Here are some good materials which you can find on the internet.


This is the best online resource to learn Norwegian. Here you can start from the beginner and go up as far as the advanced level. So it pretty covers everything you need to know. With many videos, flashcards, and audios, the lessons also provide the insight of Norwegian culture and history so it is fun and meaningful!


Norweigan TV dramas are not so much available outside the country but here are some good ones which you can sneakily find somewhere on the net. They are very creative and fun to watch! Children TVs are also good!

・Skam (Dailymotion)
・Home for Christmas (Netflix)
・Ragnarok (Netflix)
・Helium (NRK TV)


They are the four best teachers on YouTube!  Just watch over and over until you fully understand what they are saying. They look very friendly and sound very cute so enjoy your little journey with them 🙂

・Norsklærer Karense
・Norwegian Teacher – Karin
・Learn Norwegian Naturally
・Norwegian Square


There are many great singers from Norway but many of them sing in English since they are genius English speakers and want to sell their albums in the world’s market. I hate it!! Among those, I got to find singers who only sing in their own language. I think Norwegian language is the most beautiful so they should be proud 💛

・Kari Bremmes ”Er du nord”
・Sondre Justad ”Andre”
・Sval ”Plan B”
・Cezinando ”Plass”
・El Papi ”Igien og Igien”

If there is anything else you know, do let me know!

Tusen Takk!

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