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Crazy Japanese People 


What’s the typical thing about Japan? Ninja, Sushi, Anime…? Then you don’t know anything about Japan! Here are 5 things you will learn who we truly are. Check them out.

Raw Egg on Rice is Our Soul Food

Uncooked egg on rice seasoned with soy source is our lovely breakfast. You know we love bukkake style and it must be freshly raw.

Sneeze? Nobody Says “Bless You” 

When you sneeze, you expect to hear “Bless you” from someone right? When you do it in Japan everyone will ignore as if nothing happened. That’s how we chose. Stay silent and be cool with it.

Sleep like the Dead People in Funeral 

Japanese are very polite even when they are sleeping. Sleep face up and hands holding together. You only do it when you are dead in Coffin. This is our traditional sleeping style called Kawanoji, which means three people lined up like the shape of river(川). Very organized people yah?


If You Eat the Whole Apple, You’re be Famous

If you bite the apple without cutting, you will appear to be a super wild animal from nature. Japanese people only eat the apple when it is nicely cut in pieces and placed in the bento box. I don’t know why. It’s just that eating the whole apple looks so surprising in Japan.

YES means NO. NO means MAYBE

There is this song “Tokyo Girl” by Ace of Base. Yes they are right.
In English, Yes means Yes. No means No. It’s as simple as that. But Japanese language is complicated. It’s like coded language, and you have to guess hidden meaning. For example, when you ask Japanese out on a date and they say “Yes”, don’t take it literally. That will freak them out. You need to read between lines and decode the meaning behind the words. Yes Japanese are hard to be understood.


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It is just a joke so I hope you enjoyed my article!


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