Dominique Nachi


Curriculum Vitae

2019/ Kochi/ Tosa Senior High School
2013/ London / BA Fine Art/ Central Saint Martins
2021/Bergen/ Master Fine Art/ University of Bergen

Work Experience
Relaxation Therapist/ Business Consultant / Public Relations 
English Instructor / Home Instructor/ Chef/ Bar Stuff

Driving License/ TOEIC 900/ Aromatherapy/ Anatomy

Language: English/ Japanese/ A Little Norwegian
Software: Excel/ Words/ Powerpoint/ Indesign/ Adobe Premier
Massage: Pressure (Shiatsu)/Aroma
Dance: Pole/Burlesque/ Butoh/ A Little Jazz

Shows and Awards
2014/ London / Burlesque Show
2015/ Vermont /Vermont Burlesque Festival
2016/ Kochi /Pole Dance Contest / 審査員特別賞
2017/ Osaka /Pole Sports Championship / 1st Prize in Amateur Men
2018/ Kochi / Pole Sports Championship / 2nd Prize in Amateur Men
2018/ Yokosuka / Summer Style Award / Stylish Guy
2019/ Osaka /Pole Sports Championship
2019 / Oslo / Rising Star Pole Contest
2020 / Oslo / Open Drag Show
2021 / Kochi / Pole Sports Championship


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