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5 Little Things That Make Your Life Happier

These are five concepts that I learned in my life to spend heppier and more peaceful life.


光 Sun

Every morning is a new day and another chance of living your life.

Breath the air, take a walk, and get a sunshine.

Drinking a glass of water and eating a boiled egg will activate your body.



聖 Sanctity                                                     

Innumerable ancestors passed on precious lives to each of us. We have to take a good care of our borrowed bodies from ancestors until we return it to “bukkokudo”, – in Buddhism term.

Live in a sacred place that your precious body should be located.

Every road is “sando”, which purify your mind and spirit as you walk.



感 Five Senses 

Eat healthy and seasonal food.

Smell the scent of flowers and leaves.

Listen to the sound of rain and wind.

Feel the pleasure of your body living, realizing how beautiful the world is.



閃 Discovering 

If you are at school, speak to someone that you haven’t spoken to.

If you are at the gym, try a new machine or push a little harder.

The chances are everywhere.

The world is full of beautiful things. Even a little thing.



無 Emptiness                      

Night is the moment of darkness and silence.

Take away all the unnecessary information and anxieties.

Reset your mind and feel nothingness.

Put the period in your day.

You die for another day.

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